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Purge Labs™ engineers extraction systems that create high quality, high volume product in less time than standard equipment. Since 2014, we’ve led innovation within the extraction industry, developing a community of dedicated and enthusiastic friends and experts. Our experts ensure you’re set up with cutting edge technology, maximum safety, peak performance and top quality production output.

Our team is happily based in Benicia, California, USA.

Our systems create high quality, high volume product in less time than standard equipment.

Complete Maceration Technology 

Our patented spinning method ensures solvent gently dissolves compounds rather than creating solvent channels or causing solvent to seek a path of least resistance as with traditional, static extraction columns. The result is more yields, expanded efficiency and higher quality extracts.xt in this area

Colder Extraction Capability 

Extract more desired compounds and selectively leave out undesired compounds. By distributing cold more efficiently and more evenly across the material vessel jacket, our systems allow for colder extraction capability and more granular temperature control.

Freedom To Create 

All our machines move swiftly and easily on four wheels. With a rotating vessel you'll enjoy easy loading and unloading, minimize unnecessary movement and labor, and reduce production costs.

Maximum Safety  

Our systems are ASME certified and Engineer Peer-Reviewed. Let us help you kit your lab safely and effectively while meeting regulatory requirements in your jurisdiction.

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