Engineer, customize, craft.

Let's move things forward

From single machines to turnkey plants, Purge Labs™ designs unique operations for your specific needs.

Our experts ensure you’re set up with cutting edge technology, maximum safety, peak performance and top quality production output.

— Solutions
We’re a team of engineers and consultants, dedicated to creating something we didn’t know was possible.
Site planning
Lab build-out
Quality control
— Engineer
Engineer performance
From concepting and design to engineering and manufacturing, our experts work closely with you to create the most optimal setup for your business context.
— Build
Put it together
We’re on hand to help install the equipment, advise on lab configuration, and support you through the process of getting up and running.
— Configure
Customize it

Go modular. We’ll work with you to design system configurations that you need to make your business grow.

Build your lab the way you want to. Get the best out of your equipment, right from day one.

— Regulations
Stay compliant
Stay focused on your bottom line and leave the paperwork to us. Our team of consultants is on hand to help you navigate the tricky compliance process.
We’re in love with what hasn’t been designed yet.
Purge Labs™ is all about craft, community and consistency.