Your extraction partner.

Purge Labs™ is your trusted partner for extraction equipment and full-service solutions.

Next level extraction

Using unique Continous Extraction Technology (CET), which provides continuous extraction during production, as well as Complete Maceration Technology (CMT), our processes produce higher quality and more efficient products.

Continuous Extraction Technology (CET)
Complete Maceration Technology (CMT)
ASME Certified & Engineer Peer-Reviewed

Meeting your needs

From single machines to turnkey plants, Purge Labs™ designs unique, customized operations for your specific needs. Our experts ensure you’re set up with cutting edge technology, maximum safety, peak performance and top quality production output.

Quality in process. Focused on your bottom line.
A partner, not a supplier.
From turn-key systems to commissioned plants, Purge Labs™ has your back.
Since 2014, we’ve led innovation within the extraction industry, developing a community of dedicated and enthusiastic friends and experts.
Consultancy is our business. Purge Labs™ can design your lab from the ground up. We’ll get you going, provide training, and ensure you’re safe, secure and compliant.
We develop and engineer extraction systems, generate forward-thinking industry solutions, and strive to educate and empower our partners through long-term consultancy, engineering and collaboration.